Coaching Fundamentals

Implemented by Paulette Dozier as a leading coach in the performing arts industry.



The Coach


Drawing from her experience as a former New York 7th Avenue model and current stage personality, Paulette Dozier, who holds a Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts, offers a program of training that will assist performers, prospective models and pageant contestants in meeting the challenges of being on stage.


Being entrusted to guide enthusiastic hopefuls in pursuit of their dreams, Paulette strives to address every aspect of the preparation process. To accomplish this, her first step is to establish a mutual sense of trust and friendship between her and her student. From understanding why they choose to enter the facet of the arts selected, up to when they present in front of an audience; Dozier carefully guides them so that at the end of the experience they are satisfied with having made their decision.


Instruction is available to children ages 5 and older, as well as pre-teens to adults. The training is tailored to the needs of the individual student to help them improve their skills and stage presence, as well as re-enforce self-assurance with the ultimate goal being to develop the type of person that audiences (and pageant judges) expect to see in the spotlight - the Poised and Confident Individual.