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Musical Theater



Musical theater is definitely one of Paulette's passions.  She has appeared in LA CAGE AUX FOLLES in which she played the chic restaurateur, Jacqueline; 1940’s RADIO HOUR in her Carbonell nominated performance as the sassy diva in the making, Geneva Lee Brown; the historical account, PARADE, as the obliging Maid, Angela; and JERRY’S GIRLS, seen below at left, another Carbonell nominated role.

In the internationally acclaimed hit musical, “RESPECT- A Musical Journey of Women,” Paulette Dozier helps tell the story of women’s struggle towards equality; all told through popular songs. As seen in the photos below at right, in a cast of four dynamic female vocalists, this belting jazz stylist interprets historical characters such as Ida B. Wells, Billie Holiday and Rosa Parks to convey the message of women’s progress through history.




Paulette Dozier in the internationally acclaimed hit musical
RESPECT - A Musical Journey of Women


CROWNS (starring Melba Moore)        Jeanette    (Adrienne Arsht Center / M Ensemble / Miami, FL)


Stage Door Theatre, Coral Springs, FL                                   Show Palace Theatre, Hudson FL

Children's Theater

Children's theater is another arena in which Paulette enjoys to perform.  She has worked in musical adaptations of stories such as CHRISTMAS STORY as the elegant Ghost of Christmas Past, AESOP'S FABLES as the big jazzy voice of Lucy the Lion, CHARLOTTE'S WEB as the kind-hearted Spider, Charlotte; and as a versatile reader in an original, educational script titled AMERICAN POETS.



Photos from left to right Paulette seen as: The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, Lucy the Lion in Aesop’s fable, The Lion and the Mouse, and Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web.

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